Episode 10: Fiscally Conservative, Socially Liberal + Bonus!

This week I am joined by Devin Cass. Devin and I discuss whether or not someone can truly be fiscally conservative and socially liberal. [15:36]

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Bonus Content [4:02]:

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You can’t be socially progressive and economically conservative 

Confessions of a self-loathing Tory 

Want millennial voters? Conservatives must change, researchers say

Episode 8: Conservative Party and Millennials – Special Guest Andrew Coyne

In this week’s episode, I am joined by Andrew Coyne from the National Post. Andrew and I discuss the Conservative Party of Canada, and whether or not there is a place for millennials (and some other things!)[20:19]

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Sources and Related Reading:

Want millennial voters? Conservatives must change, researchers say

What young Conservatives really think about the candidates, Trudeau and “Canadian Values”

Episode 6: The Canadian Brain Drain

In this episode, I talk with Soheil Koushan from the University of Waterloo about why many of Canada’s brightest tech workers are moving to the states for work, and how we might be able to fix it. [18:39]
Apologies for the poor quality – tried a new recording room and won’t be using it again.

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Episode 5: Female Representatives

This week I am joined by Anson Chen, a recent graduate from the University of Waterloo Civil Engineering Program. Anson and I discuss an issue we both view as extremely important: the lack of female representatives in government. [14:32]

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Episodes 3 and 4: Reset & A Message to Friends

In these two short episodes, I reset the podcast, and explain to you, as my friends, my peers, and as all millennials the two reasons we need to start getting involved.

Episode 3: A Reintroduction [6:31]

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Episode 4: Millennial Political Discourse [9:15]

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For sources and related reading, please see Episodes 0 and 00

Episode 2: The Future of the Economy

This week I am joined by recent U of T Law graduate Adam Edgerley. The two of us talk about what the future of the economy might look like, and how it is closer than we may think.

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Episode 1: Legal Weed

In the first episode of Mi Politics, I talk with UC Berkeley graduate student Mark Grady about the governments recent announcement of a plan to legalize marijuana in Canada. [18:39]

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