About Mi

Mi Politics, short for Millennial Politics, is a podcast targeted for that specific purpose: magnifying, or in some cases starting, the political conversation in millennial groups. Millennials make up 27% of the Canadian population, which means within the next two elections we will be the most influential age demographic in the country.

Mi Politics is a place intended for people to engage in a political discussion. There is no goal of being right-wing or left-wing. The goal is simply to discuss an idea as objectively and in as much of an all-encompassing manner as possible.

I will try to bring a different guest on each episode/topic, though some I may handle myself. It is my hope that you get more engaged in politics, with an open mind, and an active body. We can’t just continue to let the older generations run the country, we need to have our say too.



Thank you to Julian Wang for the logo design, Chanheum Cho for the Microphone and Soheil Koushan for the inspiration and website help.